Venezia Stucco Superior Marmorino Coarse Carrara


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Venezia Stucco Marmorino Coarse Carrara creates a quality finish with a glossy appearance, it is satiny and smooth giving it a sense of depth and has a variable degree of shine depending on how much it has been burnished. It is a natural eco - friendly plaster made of lime and ground marble, suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces including bathrooms. Venezia Stucco Marmorino Coarse Carrara has been specifically developed for coarse finishes.Venezia Stucco Marmorino Coarse Carrara  needs to be primed first with Venezia Stucco Quartz Primer. Supplied in its neutral colour it can be tinted any colour by the addition of the colorants from the Venezia Stucco colour range. To seal, protect and maintain the final gloss finish apply Venezia Stucco Cera Naturale wax.

Coverage 8kg will cover 5 - 6 square metres (2 coats)

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