71" Plasterers Skimming Spatula - 1800mm


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Skimming Spatula 1800MM.

Flexible fine grade stainless steel blade. 

Rounded edges and tapered blade allows the user to easily get into corners

These spatula-rules have a 0.3mm flexible blade

Flexible stainless steel blades
Ultra Light weight aluminium rules
Rounded edges & tapered blade

Made in Italy these Spatula Rules are produced with a flexible stainless steel blade and lightweight handle.

These 1800mm Pro-Flex Skimming Spatulas are ultra flexible spatulas made from a very fine grade of steel. The rounded edges and tapered blade allows the user to easily get into corners, whilst the ergo frame moulded handle allows for effortless use and is easy on the joints

Our Pro-Skim spatulas are this size and can be used for finishing and smoothing both walls and ceilings of plaster and special finishes.

Plastering processes can be cut down, allowing you to use your time more efficiently

  • Superb flexible stainless steel

    Thincoat Renders

    Rounded edges & tapered blade

    Ergo frame moulded handle

     Used for finishing &smoothing walls & ceilings

     Backing Plasters

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